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Teaching in China

Ann Milner and students





2014 A student who took part in the Colour Fun Run (where you get coloured paint podwered thrown over you in the run) photo'd with me - several of my students took part so I went along to see them/give moral support










2014 Christmas Lesson where students learned about why we celebrate Christmas and made Christmas decorations for their dorms. I am not in the pics but it does give atmosphere






2015 Indian meal with teachers & a couple of students. The 2 at the back were student friends, not actually students of mine or the other teacher. The girl beside me was s one of my students in 2013/14 and remained a friend. She is from Tibet & the 1st in her town to go to uni. The guy is an AITECE teacher from Ireland








2015 Christmas Lesson, me with students







2016 Cross cultural adventure, St Patrick's night celebrated in China with the Tibetan student (among others)

Ann Milner's post card 5 from China

Ann Milner's post card 4 from China

Ann Milner's post card 3 from China

Ann Milner's post card 2 from China

Ann Milner's post card 1 from China





Teachers in China 2010-  from left: David Cunningham; David Winton; Moira Selvage; Gillian Horrel and Rachel Winton

David Winton, who has taught in China, speaks of his experience in a short video. Click below

Teachers who have taught in China

Teach in China

 Cultural Exchange with China (CEC) in collaboration with AITECE, Hong Kong


  • competence to teach third level English language. A bachelor’s degree or teaching diploma is required, along with fluency in speaking, clarity in enunciation and a lively teaching style. A TEFL diploma is a decided help (and essential for those without teaching experience). Alternatively, competence to teach (through English) WTO-related skills, such as Accountancy, Law, Marketing.

AGE: ideally between 22 and 60, but teachers up to 65 may also be accepted.


thorough in teaching work; adventurous; approachable and outgoing; good at relating to young people; able to enjoy solitude; feeling at home with small or large groups; flexible and at ease in new situations; open to, and accepting of, others.


being able to say, “I try to live by Gospel principles, to trust, to pray and to be led by God”. Clearly, this is ‘mission’ in the sense of mutual development and understanding both for teacher and students. It entails being receptive to a rich and ancient culture, willing to share with others one’s knowledge, gifts and graces and also being affirming of life through personal witness and service.


the contract is for one year (renewable). The college year runs from late August to early July. Accommodation is normally provided free-of-charge on the campus. Salary is adequate for the needs of a simple, but comfortable, life-style and air fares are refunded or subsidised. Applicants pay preparation costs, such as medicals, insurance. Orientation in Hong Kong will be provided by AITECE. CEC may give assistance in individual deserving cases.


I was stunned and culture-shocked at first, but slowly the warm affirmation and friendliness of my students got me hooked.”

Teachers who have taught in China would be very willing to share their experiences.


the deadline for applications for the next college year (Aug. 2014 to Jul. 2015) is Feb. 2nd 2014


For further information, please contact:

Cultural Exchange with China (CEC)

St Joseph’s, Watford Way, London, NW4 4TY. Tel: 020 8202 2555. Fax: 020 8202 5775

Website: (CEC’s partner inHong Kong)

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